a) The client agrees to comply with the following terms and conditions. Permission to reproduce from the digital photographic material supplied is dependent upon the full acceptance of the conditions listed below and will be abrogated automatically if any conditions are infringed. Payment of the tax invoice supplied implies acceptance of the terms and conditions.


a) The rights granted by are strictly limited to the use, period of time and territory specified on the license. Invoices for reproduction rights issued by Megan Carew Photography do not constitute a license, implied or actual, to grant the rights specified until payment of the invoice in full has been received. On full payment of the invoice, reproduction rights are granted to the client, as specified on the license and are not transferable.

b) The photo(s) may not be cropped, bled, overprinted, obscured by print or other text or altered in any way without the prior, written approval of Megan Carew Photography and/or the copyright owner. Applications for details, book covers and commercial products will be considered upon supply of proposed design and must be approved by this department prior to production.

c) Photo and copyright captions must be used without any alteration or abbreviation and appear in association with the photo(s) except with permission from Megan Carew Photography. It is the publisher’s responsibility to acknowledge the artist and their work correctly in accordance with the Australian Copyright Act’s Moral Rights.

d) If a detail of the photo(s) is used, the word ‘detail’ must appear in parenthesis after the title and date of the photo(s).

e) Megan Carew Photography reserves the right to refuse to supply material or to withdraw approval, where the context of the reproduction is deemed to be unsuitable, inappropriate or contrary to the artist or Megan Carew Photography’s interest.


a) Photo Name by Megan Carew (2022).

b) Image details are specified on quote, invoice and final contract.


a) Megan Carew Photography reserves copyright on all digital photo(s) made by Megan Carew Photography. The supply of digital photo(s) does not confer the rights to store or reproduce them or make them available to the public in any medium or form except for the reproduction or communication rights stipulated on the license. Nor does the supply of photographic material imply the availability of these rights.

b) Where Megan Carew Photography does not control all the rights, we will notify the applicant of any further rights that need to be obtained. It is the client’s responsibility to obtain a copyright license for any reproduction.


a) No Unlawful Use. Client will not use the photo(s) in any unlawful manner, such as pornography or defamation.

b) In order to ensure quality control, Megan Carew Photography only allows reproductions from its own photographic material. Digital photo(s) are supplied via private gallery link, email or posted USB. Any postage and packing is charged to the client and special delivery arrangements, such as couriers are at the expense of the client.

c) Unless otherwise agreed, one complimentary copy of the product, publication or publicity material containing a reproduction of the photo(s) must be supplied to Megan Carew Photography. This should be sent to the business address available on this document, upon publication.


a) The client agrees to indemnify Megan Carew Photography in respect of any claims or damages or any loss or costs arising in any manner from the reproduction of Photos unless granted under the terms of these terms and conditions.